Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Light up the sky

So I came across this image the other day while browsing some forums and all I had to say when I saw it was 'wow'.
Just, wow.
Of course I knew everything stated in it was true, i'm sure we all do, and we reminisce about some of those things on a semi-irregular basis - but just seeing it all laid out there like that really struck a chord in me.

Someone please tell me why the fuck society places such an emphasis on this concept of maturity and striving towards being an adult?
Fuck adulthood, it blows.

The only thing that seems to matter these days is getting paid and getting laid. Now i'm not going to be all herp durrp fight the system, fuck working, fuck a job, i'm too real for this world bullshit; that's pointless.
It's just, really depressing, to contemplate what little adventure there seems to really be in society these days.